About Unlit.io Games:

Unlit.io must be an exciting free-for-all game online in which you have to defeat your opponents by shining your flashlight on them. You are armed with a flashlight and it must be used carefully to cope with the rivals. You should shine the light on other players, steal their power then fade them in the process. Keep in mind that those people can do the same to you, meaning you may get attacked and destroyed in the same way, so make sure that you always defend yourself! You should keep your flashlight off to stay invisible to other players, play with good strategies as well as fade as many rivals as you can. Do not let them catch you in their flashlight! You should watch out for your surroundings and always have your tactics ready to deal with the sudden attacks. Your objective in the game is to become the best player!

How to play

Move around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse for toggling the power and length of your light beam. Click the mouse and hold it to make a speed boost.

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