About Tangies.io Games:

Tangies.io unblocked is an avoider-style multiplayer game where you race against many players around the world. The mission for players in this title is to run back and forth from the sides of the screen and avoid the falling asteroids at all costs. You will see other players doing the same task as you, but you cannot interfere with them. They are only visible as ethereal ghosts. However, you will compete against them in terms of collecting resources from the sky. These resources are very limited, so you must quickly gather them all before other players take them. The game features lots of upgrades for you to use and boost your strength, such as shields, energy, fireball, and invisibility. Make use of them to get an upper hand on your enemies. Watch out for your surroundings as well as always have your skills ready to deal with dangers. You must stay alive for as long as possible for having a chance of ruling the leaderboard. Play Tangies.io for free!

How to play

Move back and forth across the screen using the mouse. Click the left mouse to jump.

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