About SuperSpin.io Games:

In a fantastic Agario Style game called Superspin.io, you will surely earn yourself much fun and meet new opponents from around the world. The game is a great mixture of Agar.io and Spinz.io. You take control of a fidget spinner and move around the map trying to gather all glowing gems. By collecting them, you are able to gradually grow the speed as well as the size of your spinning. You should bump into other slower players to destroy them, and when they get destroyed, quickly gather their gems to power up yourself even more. Defend yourself from the faster players because they can take your gems or even slay you easily. Never stop building your speed since this is the key element that leads you to success! Also, you must stay alive and overcome all the dangers around you then work your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the best fidget spinner of all!

How to play

Move your fidget spinner using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up.

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