About SpaceGuard.io Games:

SpaceGuard.io is a multiplayer FPS web browser io game free online. It is an epic sci-fi theme match in which you will have to destroy all of the enemies before they do the same for you. Start the new adventure with a soldier. The challenge will be set in a strange base. It looks like a maze and has countless places to hide. Be careful! You will don’t know how the foes appear. So, you are recommended to defend yourself always in order to avoid deadly shots.

Take part in SpaceGuard.io unblocked and you can check your skills with a lot of dangerous situations. Keep calm and make use of your weapons with every ability you own! There are 5 types of tools that you can switch and deploy, for example, machinegun, sniper, pistol, knife and more. Remember that you are able to work together with several allies when you select the Team Deathmatch mode! Let’s play and see if how long you can survive!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk, Space to jump, C to crouch, Left Shift to run, LMB to shoot, RMB to aim, 1-5 to choose weapons, Tab or P to open the menu

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