About Shark Attack.io Games:

In a huge ocean arena in Shark Attack.io game, there are many cunning sharks trying to eat each other for ultimate domination. You are here for that mission! In the shape of a shark, you must swim through water carefully eating a lot of plankton and other dwelling smaller fishes to grow your size. When you come across sharks that are smaller than you, eat them up to get larger faster. But make sure you avoid the larger ones, otherwise, you will be absorbed, causing the game to be over for you. Stay focused on growing your food chain until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard, which makes you the biggest and the strongest shark in the ocean. Shark Attack.io unblocked will remind you of Agar.io a lot. But you can give it a shot now for a new experience! Don’t forget to check out other io games unblocked which are free to play!

How to play

Navigate your shark around the ocean using the mouse.

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