About SeaDragons.io Games:

SeaDragons.io is one of the new Io games in which you will control a unique mythical monster. The main aim that you need to do in order to dominate the leaderboard is fun. You should become the longest creature on the server as soon as possible. To achieve the goal, you will have to eat.

The food will appear across the map of SeaDragons.io online and some of them are not free. Actually, it’s risky to collect the remains of slain players aside from picking up available plankton orbs or fishes. You can be killed while trying to cut off somebody. It is a cool classic strategy of games like Slither.io. If you are not sure, you can avoid encounters and only focus on consuming safe resources to grow longer. Besides, remember to finish quests to obtain cards. They present different species. Play SeaDragons.io unblocked and note that your body’s length can be the key to survival. However, your mass will be reduced when you sprint. So, choose that ability smartly! It’s time to experience and conquer the top spot! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your monster, Left mouse to speed up

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