About Royalesurvival.io Games:

You are a solitary fighter in a tough battle royale io game called RoyaleSurvival.io! Have everything ready for this epic battle then see if you can beat it all. You step into the battlefield where you fight against many enemies from around the world. Since you are unarmed, try to seek out some items and weapons dispersed throughout the arena so you can use them to protect yourself. Remember to collect some resources for crafting advanced items or even building some locations. When you catch sight of any enemies, quickly kill them all before they defeat you. RoyaleSurvival.io unblocked is a hard game but also a good one for the fans of battle royale games to play and master. You must become a strategic player who can use good skills as well as manage good resources to outplay all opponents. Like other io games, the goal for you here is to become the last player alive! Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse button to punch or shoot, use the number keys 1-6 to change items, press F to collect items, use R to reload ammo, use M to open the map, and use X to change normal attack.

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