About Pikes.io Games:

Pikes.io is one of the most challenging io games unblocked taking players to a huge arena where they must fight one another using a pike. You can play Pikes.io free online in your browser to express your skills. The main weapon here is a pike. This means you must use your own pike carefully to smash and hit all enemies around you before they deal damage to you using their pikes. You can make your pike longer and stronger by collecting a lot of squares dispersed throughout the ground. Swing your pike in a big arc then quickly finish off other players. You should avoid the pikes of other players, otherwise, you will get hit, causing the game to be over. Make sure you always stay watchful for your surroundings. Power up yourself through over time so you can kill the tough players easily! The main goal for you in Pikes.io brutal squad unblocked is to become the ultimate winner ruling the jousting arena. Play and have fun with it!

How to play

Move your character around the map using the mouse. Use the spacebar or use the left mouse to speed up.

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