About Mazmorra.io Games:

Mazmorra.io unblocked is a tough adventure io game featuring retro graphics. The game takes the concept of the Diablo series when it lets you crawl through dungeons full of challenges. You start Mazmorra.io free game at the Castle that is known as a safe area you can hang out with friends, recover your HP, purchase or sell items. But first, make sure you pick a skin for your hero and the primary attribute which will be used to decide the amount of damage your hero dishes out. When you enter this adventure, you need to find the doors when crawling through dungeons so you can get to the next levels. On your way, you must kill monsters for experience points then use them to level up yourself. Also, you should hunt for chests and unlock them to gain rare with magical equipment. Make use of your earnings carefully to finish off all monsters with enemies on your way. You aim to become the best adventurer in Mazmorra.io online.

How to play

Move or attack enemies using the left mouse. Use the right mouse to consume potions and change equipped items (inventory). To trade, you can click the right mouse on item for purchasing or selling.

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