About KRUNT.IO Games:

Compete against a host of worldwide opponents in Krunt.io unblocked! In this battle royale io game, you will have a new chance to demonstrate your excellent skills. To get the Victory Royale, you have to eliminate all enemies and become the last man standing. This goal is not easy at all when you face up to skilled enemies. You must move around the map looting them all, create a base for yourself, farm materials, and craft advanced items for the kill. You can make use of wooden walls you have built to keep you safe from the enemy. Just make sure you have enough amount of wood for that. Watch out for your surroundings as you explore areas on the map. You must quickly run, jump, then shoot all enemies that stand in your way before they kill you. The last player that remains alive on the ground will become the victor of the battle. Start to play Krunt.io game in your browser now!

How to play

Move your character with WASD, use the left mouse to fire, press E to interact with ground items, chests and cars. Use Q to build walls, spacebar to jump, press Shift to sprint, R to reload weapons, M for the zone, and keys 1-6 to change items.

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