About Kize.io Games:

Do you have what it takes to become the winner in a new battle royale io game called Kize.io? Why don’t you join this shooter game in your browser right now to present your surviving abilities? Kize.io unblocked drops all players into a lobby and they must reach the main map to start combat. The first thing you have to do when entering the map is to be fast and loot. Loot everything you can by opening the chests around the map, equip yourself with good weapons, nice items, and cool gadgets then use them to defeat enemies. The second thing for you is to farm materials. You can pick them up as you explore areas around you. And the last thing you can do is to build walls that protect you from the enemies. When everything is ready, you can go hunt enemies and quickly destroy them before they kill you. Watch out for the zone that shrinks the size of the map. You need to dodge it, otherwise, you will take damage. The main goal in Kize.io is to become the last man standing.

How to play

Perform the movement using WASD, press E/F to collect items, use the left mouse to fire or build, use Q to toggle the build mode, press the spacebar to jump, use Shift to sprint, use R to reload, use M to view the map, and use number keys 1-6 to change weapons.

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