About In Mexico Royale Games:

You will embark on a tough adventure in In Mexico Royale unblocked which is all about traversing the border. There are two countries you need to conquer in this battle royale game, namely Mexico and America. There are plenty of challenges standing in your way, and you need to conquer them all. Whatever you do, make sure you always keep your food and money balanced during your adventure. To collect money, you must kill enemies. You can only kill them by sprinting! However, sprinting is only for competitive players at a higher level. This means you should not focus on sprinting much if you are still at a low level, otherwise, you will run out of energy. Instead, you need to try to get more food, eat it all to remain your stamina. After you have advanced levels, feel free to sprint to destroy enemies. Killing them will also make your score increase. You need to grow your score until you get to the top place on the leaderboard to become the best survivor. Play In Mexico Royale for free!

How to play

Use the mouse or use the spacebar for jumping. Select the speed button to sprint and the flag button to change countries.

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