About Fakemon Club Games:

Show the whole world that you are the best monster catcher and trainer in a super fun web-browser game called Fakemon Club. In the game, your main mission is to go a lot of monsters, capture them all then train them well for joining brutal battles against other players. These monsters are armed with different abilities, so, you must train all of them then utilize them in the combat. Once your monsters have become great and super powerful, you will let them destroy any enemies standing in front of them. However, you’d better watch out for the enemy monsters that can be stronger than you! If you have no defensive plans to cope with them, your monsters may end up getting destroyed, causing the game to be over! Make sure that you play with nice tactics and utilize them to defeat all opponents. Are you ready for the challenge? Play the game now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, press key V to open the command menu, use the left mouse to interact with objects, key B to open the shop, key C to come back to the trainer, key P to collect an item, and key G to drop an item.

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