About Crazy Galaxies.io Games:

Can you rule the cosmos by becoming the biggest galaxy in Crazy Galaxies.io unblocked – another io game inspired by Agar.io. Jump into this multiplayer game right now to compete against enemies and see if you can build domination. You will be ready for a cosmic adventure with your crazy galaxy. At first, it is very small, so you need to suck up asteroids with smaller planetary bodies to gain more mass. When you build up the mass, you will become more powerful. Now, you can go hunt for enemy galaxies and quickly absorb them to power up yourself even more. Just make sure you avoid the ones bigger than you, otherwise, you will get eaten. Basically, Crazy Galaxies.io free has the same gameplay as Agar.io. The different thing is that you are now a galaxy, not a simple cell. Try your best to grow up until you get to become the number one on the leaderboard to dominate the galaxy.

How to play

Move your galaxy around the arena using the mouse. Press the spacebar to speed up.

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