About Cool Snakes.io Games:

In a 3D snowy world in Cool Snakes.io game, players are dressed as a slithering serpent and ready to fight one another for the ultimate domination. Cool Snakes.io unblocked reminds you of the old days playing Slither.io, but it has its own features to experience even though it shares the gameplay mechanic with Slither.io. In this title, you also take on the role of a small snake wandering around an arena to eat multiple glowing pellets that are dispersed on the ground. As you eat these pellets, you will realize your body is getting bigger through over time. This is how you grow up and evolve into a giant snake. Keep eating pellets or even the dead remains of a certain defeated snake to increase your size even faster. When you become a big snake, you can use your body to encircle other enemies, speed up to bypass them and quickly cut them off. Once they have run into your body, they will be eliminated and drop their remains for you to pick up. Your goal is to slither your way to the top of the leaderboard in Cool Snakes.io free!

How to play

Move your snake around the map using the mouse and use the left mouse to speed it up.

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