About Colonist.io Games:

In a new strategy io game called Colonist.io, you become a colonist whose mission is to grow a civilization and develop a territory. It’s so fun to be a colonist but it’s also very challenging to complete your role because there are many challenges you need to face up during the game. To get your tasks done, you need to go around the map collecting a lot of resources. In this title, these resources are empty tiles dispersed throughout the board. If you capture them first, you must take them back to your territory to make it larger and start to create more settlements. After creating the settlements, you can earn higher production as well as increase your points. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially other players because they will target at you if they know you have a good amount of resources. To beat enemies, use your smart strategies with excellent skills. Stop them from taking your resources or destroying your territory. You must survive and conquer everything to become the winner. Play Colonist.io unblocked for free now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to control or interact with the objects in the game. You can control the game using the touchpad or touch your screen if you play it on mobile.

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