About CastleWars.io Games:

CastleWars.io is a tower defense io game online packed with action. You take control of a floating castle around an arena to fight against other enemies. As you move your castle around the map, try to kill drakes, dragons or even other players. You can play peacefully if you want, and don’t forget to collect mana orbs for XP. Advance the level of your castle through over time until it reaches level 145. You will earn one upgrade point every time you level up, and with a lot of upgrade points, you can easily defeat the castles of other players. The big goal for you in CastleWaras.io free game is to become the best player!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for moving your floating castle. Left click to charge up your attack, right click to run away from danger. Click the left mouse button to use Sprint often at low levels and it will recharge very fast.

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