About Bigfoxwarz.io Games:

You become a magical fox in a fun game called Bigfoxwarz.io unblocked. Are you ready for an epic adventure in a big forest full of enemies? Prepare your skills in advance to conquer all challenges standing in your way now. As a fox, you can easily move around the forest hunting for food. By food, it means tasty cherries. Make sure you devour as many cherries as possible to gain size. Also, you should go eat enemy foxes that are smaller than you while trying to avoid anyone that is bigger. If you eat enemies, your size will be increased much faster. In case you come across dangerous ones, you should use holes to hide from them. These holes will also teleport you to another area on the map. Try to use it to your advantage and save your life. You aim to become the biggest fox in the entire arena in Bigfoxwarz.io free! Much fun with it!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving around the forest. Try to avoid bigger enemies while eating cherries and smaller enemies.

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