About Anark.io Games:

Jump into an action-packed 2D Shooter game called Anark.io and shoot your way to the top! You direct a wide range of adorable animals around the arena trying to finish off all enemies who are obstructing you to touch your glory. You must aim then shoot them down before it’s too late, at the same time, try to defend yourself from their assaults. Make sure to gather more cash on the floor, deport your money in the bank regularly, or else you will lose them all when you die. With the money, you can unlock prize boxes that store new weapons as well as nice rewards. You can utilize those weapons to kill the rivals more effectively. The final objective is to vanquish other animals and establish your own dominance in the arena. Are you ready for this brutal confrontation? Let’s give it a shot now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Direct your character using WASD. Click left mouse to fire.

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