About Airport Clash 3D Games:

Airport Clash 3D unblocked is an action-packed shooter io game with 3D graphics and great gameplay. This is an io game you will have a chance to become a leader of a gang of raiders. The big mission for a leader is to lead his army to take over an abandoned airport terminal from a rival gang. To crush opponents, you have to make use of heavy weapons such as Gatling gun or Barret rifle. Those weapons can be found across the map, so it is easy to get them. Plus, you can even pick up different power-ups to strengthen yourself. You should play with smart strategies to win a lot of matches. With every match you have won, you can improve your character as well as grow the devastating power. You will increase your experience points too, then you can use them to improve your hero’s health to make him stronger. You aim to survive and dominate the entire arena with the best score in Airport Clash 3D free game!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, press C to crouch, use Spacebar to jump, use Tab for the stats, and click the right mouse button for the sniper zoom.

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